Students from Delhi slums fulfil their dream to study in Delhi University

Every year thousands of students aspire to join Delhi University for higher studies. However, getting admission in Delhi University is increasingly becoming tough, with astonishingly high cut-off marks year-after-year. Imagine what an impossible dream it must seem for young people raised in the Delhi slums, where there is no hope of paid tuitions and parents are poor and often illiterate. With support from Asha, a not-for-profit organisation, dreams have become a reality for several talented students, changing the trajectory of their lives forever.

Anjali’s shanty is on the riverbed in East Delhi. It’s made up of hay and bamboo, and each year, when the area gets flooded, her home becomes uninhabitable. Anjali is proud to have scored 81% in her high school exams and has found a place at Delhi University! She will be reading History and Political Science. Asha has always mentored and supported her, and will continue to do so, including paying for all her university expenses.

Saddam’s father has been working as a daily wage unskilled laborer at construction sites all his life. Saddam began to do waitering work at weddings and parties from class 10 onwards. He earned Rs 300 a day and gave the money to his mother to buy food. Saddam scored a brilliant 88% in his high school exams. The Asha team and volunteers mentored and inspired him through his journey. He has now been admitted to Delhi University where he will study English and Sociology!

Juhi was born in poverty and lives in a 1-room house in a slum community right beside the railway tracks. Her father is a low paid labourer who works at a scrapyard, breaking down old cars and machines. Juhi has been associated with Asha since the 9th standard, through Asha’s support, Juhi was able to pursue science as she was keen to study this subject. Asha provided Juhi with financial support to pursue a degree in B. Sc Home Science. Juhi has a strong ambition to become a Dietician or Nutritionist in the future.

Asha Community Health and Development Society provides holistic community-based healthcare, empowerment, financial inclusion, education and environmental improvements by training, resourcing and encouraging slum communities to receive and enjoy their basic human rights.

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